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A Netbook for the Masque of the Red Death setting


The Crossroads of the Gothic Earth netbook is now only available in PDF format - download it now (0.3 meg). There is an accompanying font set.

You can download other Kargatane netbooks at the Secrets of the Kargatane website.


Edited by the Kargatane:

Joe Bardales DotCharles Brown DotJohn W. Mangrum
Christopher Dale Nichols DotBarry Trevelyan DotStuart Turner

Articles Contributed by:

David Alexander DotMatthew Ball DotDaniel J. Bandera DotJoe Bardales
Timothy S. Brannan Dot"Coan-Teen" DotJohn W. Mangrum
Marcin Perkowski DotCharles Phipps DotJon P. Stacey


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