A Ravenloft Netbook


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A Kargatane Netbook for the Ravenloft and Gothic Earth settings


The Book of Shadows netbook is now only available in PDF format - download it now (1.4 meg). There is an accompanying font set.

You can download other Kargatane netbooks at the Secrets of the Kargatane website.


Edited by the Kargatane:

Joe BardalesDotAndrew CermakDotAndrew Hackard
John W. MangrumDotStuart TurnerDotAndrew Wyatt

Articles Contributed by:

Christopher Adams Dot Daniel Bandera Dot Eldred Black Dot Timothy S. Brannan
Andrew Cermak Dot James "The Madman" Dalton Dot Eric Daniel
Luis Fernando De Pippo Dot Dion Fernandez Dot Robert A. Gombach
Friedrich Gothe Dot Mark "Mortavius" Graydon Dot Andrew Hackard
Jaleigh Johnson Dot Stefan MAC Dot John W. Mangrum Dot Ari & George Marmell
Michael Massey Dot Hugo Viegas Nascimento Dot Ryan Naylor
Luiz Eduardo Neves Peret Dot Dustin "Grigg Deadbreaker" Rathbun Dot Wes Schneider
Andy "Socko" Snow Dot Mike S.W. Dot Stuart Turner Dot Andrew Wyatt


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