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since 20th May, 1999

A Netbook for the Ravenloft and Gothic Earth settings


The Book of Souls netbook is now only available in PDF format - download it now (584k). There is an accompanying font set.

You can download other Kargatane netbooks at the Secrets of the Kargatane website.


Edited by the Kargatane:

Joe Bardales Dot Charles Brown Dot John W. Mangrum
Christopher Dale Nichols Dot Barry Trevelyan Dot Stuart Turner

Articles Contributed by:

John Baker Dot Joe Bardales Dot Bil Boozer
Eric C. Daniel Dot Paul Fox Dot Andrew Hackard
Andrew Hauptman Dot Geoff Kimber Dot Jarrod R. Lowe
John W. Mangrum Dot Matthew L. Martin Dot Francis Montenegro
Christopher Dale Nichols Dot Lincoln "swoon" O'Brien Dot Stuart Turner
Kevin Webb Dot Adam Windsor Dot Jon Winter


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